Benefits of Waterjet Cutting


There are many ways of cutting metal and use of waterjet is one of them. Others such as the use of hacksaw are simple while others such as plasma cutting are more technical. However, some drawbacks are associated with these simple and technical methods such as deformities along the cut edges and also unsmooth edges. Also, there are some things that can be cut by these methods while others cannot, and this is where waterjet cutting comes in. Waterjet cutting has many benefits when compared to the other methods of cutting. You can check out cnc water jet cutting machine options online.

Waterjet cutting doesn’t create the heat that is formed by use of hacksaws and plasma cutting. This means that the edges that result are not distorted, and this is helpful when trying to cut precise cuts for complex areas.

Also, the quality of precision when using waterjet cutting is higher than that of the other cutting methods. There is a high precision cutting using waterjet because the tolerance is almost negligible. This method of cutting does not come cheaply because the precision levels are high hence higher cost. Also, the setup of the materials needed to do waterjet cutting is too expensive, and hence the cost of cutting is higher as well, but it is doable. The high precision is achieved because the cutting is done by the use of computer software along with a quality flow water jet machine.

Waterjet cutting can be used to cut any material unlike the other methods that cut some materials, but one notable exemption is the tempered glass. Some of the materials that require precise cuts are wood, stone, marble, rubber, steel, all types of metal alloys, etc.

Since this method of waterjet cutting leaves no slang on the parts, there is minimal or no cleaning needed, and also there is no need for doing finishing such as grinding. This kind of technology is, therefore, faster because the cutting moves along quickly hence more jobs can be done faster.

The setup for this kind of technology is not quite complicated and therefore faster setup time. Also, waterjet cutting does the cutting work at a faster rate than the other technologies. There is no sharpening needed to be done on the tools after cutting several products. The structural properties of the product being cut remain unchanged because there is no heat involved when cutting. This waterjet cutting is useful when making prototypes because it is a very flexible process. If you need a high-tech cut, then it is recommended to use the waterjet cutting method. his video demonstrates the power of a waterjet machine: